POINT Recording Co., Ltd. was established in 1993 when Taiwan’s TV industry bid farewell to the monopoly of three broadcasting TV stations and saw the emergence of cable TV. Amid this new wave of channel hopping war, we started the film and TV music post-production services.

Since our inception, we have been committed to our supporting role of creating a world with quality sound and producing soul-stirring and moving film scores with professionalism, quality and integrity.

We now have eight control rooms, two mixing rooms, one central office and two recording booths. We approach all of our works with utmost efforts and self-challenge and have seen ourselves grow through the practical experiences. We no longer view ourselves just as a recoding studio, we admonish ourselves to be a creative and versatile music and cultural worker.

Our works can be seen in all sorts of TV programs and commercials. We have also participated in the voice over and music supervision work for quite a number of TV dramas and started to make headway into film music production. Our works include 8,000 Miles of Clouds And the Moon, Mass Exodus in 1949, The Biography of Jiang Wenya, Taiwan Exploration Team, Taiwan Exploration Team, Genuine Compassion for Taiwan, Love Contract, The Sun Shines First Behind the Mountain, I Am Sorry, The War of Betrayal 1895, and Home, which have brought us a myriad of awards, such as the Best Sound Effect in Golden Bell Award, nominations for Golden Melody Award, and the Best Original Score in Golden Horse Award.